Tsu Invitation

Tsu Invitation

What is Tsu?

tsū is a free social network and payment platform that shares up to 90% of revenues with its users.

The team of Tsu believes that the content that goes up on social media platforms belong to the users who should be paid for it. And that is true, if you consider the fact that the content (photos, videos, texts, etc.) that rises daily in FaceBook, Twitter, Instagram is content generated by users who do not earn anything unlike the site owners that earn billions of dollars.

How to earn money with Tsu?

At a glance, Tsu seems to work in the same way as any other social network. Page views generate ad revenue, but what sets them apart is that only 10% of that ad revenue is returned to Tsu.

50% of ad revenue is sent to the content owner.

The other 50% is given to the user who brought the content owner into the network. Where as any other network keeps 100% of the profit for themselves!

Here is a screenshot that shows how the revenues break among the members:

how the revenues are shared between users in tsu

Why to Join Tsu?

Because it is still a new website means that it is a great opportunity to register with the first people and earn money but is also a way to contribute to the development of a social network that respects its users.

The most important of all: Because it is a brand new site it still has many good freel usernames / keywords which you can use.

Main features of Tsu

1. To register, you must be invited by an other member.

2. It shares 90% of the advertising profits with members so everything you post on the network, generates profit for you depending on the impact it has (likes, views, shares etc)

3. You earn a small percentage of the profits generated from people at your team (referral commissions).

How to join Tsu?

As I mentionned that new members can only regester on tsu by a tsu invitation like this: www.tsu.co/TonyJobs

The Tsu company was founded in 2013 by Sebastian Sobczak, Drew Ginsburg, Thibault Boullenger and Jonathan Lewin. The group received a $7 million investment led by Sancus Capital Prive.

In Japanese Tsu means a spread of information among those who are connoisseurs of a particular area.

Any payment proof ?

Payment proof from kevin hinkle :

tsu payment proof from kevin hinkle

Another one from Yoshihito Matsumiya:

tsu payment proof from Yoshihito Matsumiya

So, are you on tsu? Join now! It is free! Invite others too.

I hope you enjoy reading, Good luck friends ツ

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